Affordable childcare

    Re-design of Australia's childcare system to one providing universal, high quality and affordable early childhood learning and care.

    Our early childhood education and care system is fragmented, expensive and unwieldy.

    It fails to offer the full suite of culturally appropriate settings including long-day and sessional care, centre-based, and/or family-based models.

    Fees are rising twice as fast as inflation, preschool enrolment rates are falling, and there is inconsistent quality across early childhood services. The workforce is underpaid and under-valued, and skill shortages are impacting the quality of care provision.

    As Georgie Dent, Executive Director of The Parenthood says:

    Everyone benefits from an excellent, affordable childcare system.

    A high quality, universal early childhood system is an imperative for a modern Australian economy. Other countries are way ahead, showing it is more than possible.

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